2020 Jr. High Festival Rules

We welcome you to the games of the 2020 Jr. High School Festival. We would like to make you aware of the following Rules and Guidelines.

NCAA rules, along with coincidental penalty washout (5-on-5). Penalized players will serve time; substitutions from bench will play. Automatic Icing, allow line changes at all stoppages of play. Mouthguards/full shields/cages are mandatory. Games are two 20-minute, stop-time periods.


For Divisional Placing

  1. Head-to-Head result
  2. Divisional Record
  3. Fewest Goals Allowed
  4. Best Plus/Minus
  5. Coin Flip

If 3 or more teams are tied, and head-to-head results among them are tied, then:

  1. Divisional Record
  2. Fewest Goals Allowed
  3. Best Plus/Minus
  4. Coin Flip


  • Minor – 1:30 minutes
  • Major – 4:00 minutes
  • Misconduct – 7:30 minutes
  • Game Misconduct – removal from that game only, player can play in next game.
  • Disqualification – a 4:00 minute major, and removal from that game and the next game.

If Disqualification penalties, like fighting, spearing, butt end, kicking are called, the player will sit out the rest of that game and the next game.

Game Time: (40 Minutes – Stopping Time)

(3 minute warm-up) (first 20-minute period) (ice cut) (second 20-minute period)

No overtime play in regulation games. For Championship games, if tied after regulation, 5-minute 3-on-3 OT period. If still tied after OT, then 3-man sudden death shootout to determine winner


  • Unsportsmanlike play, illegal contact and abuse of officials will be dealt with most severely.
  • Fighting will absolutely not be tolerated in any event.


Although locker rooms will be locked during games, we advise you to leave money and valuables in your car or with parent/guardian, rather than bringing them into the locker room. HNIB will not be responsible for any items left in the locker rooms.

The HNIB coaches and staff look forward to a week of exciting and competitive hockey.

Guidelines and Protocols for HNIB’s Jr. High Festival & Sophomore Tournament

As we prepare to hold the 2020 Jr. High Festival & Sophomore Tournament, we want every player, parent/guardian/chaperone, coach, and staff member to be aware of the following guidelines and protocols. We will be holding the entire event at the Tri-Town Arena in Hooksett, NH, with just 3 games at the Salem ICenter (NH), and it is imperative that all of us show our respect to the rink facility and their staff and abide by the guidelines and protocols for the duration of the event.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with all of these protocols, as we wish to return to the ice and a semblance of normalcy, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment to do so.

Hockey Night in Boston Event Protocols

  1. Players may only enter the arena 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. This will allow for proper cleaning between sessions and will apply for the duration of the event. You can wait in the parking lot if you arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time.
  2. Players and spectators must wear masks when coming into the arena and when leaving the arena. Players must keep their masks on when in the locker rooms. Spectators must keep their mask on at all times while inside the arena. Extra masks will be provided by HNIB if you happen to forget your mask.
  3. Locker rooms will be made available, but showers will not be used. We ask that players come fully dressed (except skates) to limit the amount of time spent in the locker rooms.
  4. Players MUST leave the arena within 15 minutes of the end of their ice time.
  5. Masks are not required for players while they are participating in athletic activities.
  7. Players will be required to use their own water bottles and fill them at home.
  8. If a player, coach, or any other HNIB staff member has any sort of illness, coughing, or sneezing please stay home. Likewise, if a player has a recorded temperature higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they must stay home.
  9. Players, spectators, and coaches must achieve proper hygiene at beginning and end of all activities through hand-washing and sanitizing.
  10. NO SPITTING inside facility.

Tri-Town Ice Arena Protocols and Guidelines (updated 8/14/20)



All customers/staff/spectators: if you answer yes to any of the following questions, please do not enter the facility.
1) Do you have any possible symptoms of COVID-19?
a) Fever of 100.4 degrees F or higher in the last 72 hours
b) Respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath
c) Flu-like symptoms such as muscle aches, chills, and severe fatigue
d) Changes in a person’s sense of taste or smell
2) Have you had any close contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
3) Traveled in the past 14 days either:
a) Internationally (outside the U.S.)
b) By cruise ship, or
c) Domestically (within the U.S.) outside of NH on public transportation (e.g, bus, train, plane etc)
All Employees will be screened prior to the beginning of every shift for COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperature checked. Employees who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home from work immediately.


Anyone 2 + & up entering the facility will be required to wear a face covering such as a cloth or disposable mask to help protect against the spread of the virus. Signage will be posted at the entrance doors to the facility.


Employees and customers should practice social distancing while in the arena. Please try to keep at least 6 feet or more between anyone not in your family at all times. We will be adding “6 foot” social distancing markings on the floor throughout our facility for everyone’s safety along with arranging benches and chairs with 6-foot distancing in between. We will also have green arrows on the floor to help foot traffic flow inside the arena. Signage will be posted inside the facility.


Tri Town Ice arena will be allowing one (1) parent per Youth Player into the facility. No other spectators will be allowed. Please follow all guidelines listed herein.


Based on recommendations and guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Federal or State agencies we have increased our cleaning procedures to ensure the health of everyone in our facility and ensure we are taking the appropriate steps to reopen safely.

Public Areas

  • Public areas and high-moderate touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with approved disinfectants at least every 2 hours
  • Employee COVID-19 Training
    • All staff members will be required to wear face coverings
    • All staff members will be provided COVID-19 safety and cleaning protocols in order to keep our facility as clean and safe as possible


  • Please remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Refrain from touching your face, nose and mouth
  • Sneeze into a tissue or if not readily available into your elbow and immediately wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer
  • Hand Sanitizer stations and pumps (60% alcohol or higher) will be located at the front entrance doors, exit doors, outside the restrooms along with numerous other locations for your use



Per our locker room policy prior to COVID-19, coaches will be required to hand in a car key or license to the Front Desk in exchange for the locker room key. After each ice session, the locker room will be checked by a staff member for cleanliness.

  • Players are to arrive FULLY dressed. Each team will be assigned (1) locker room plus the mezzanine for additional social distancing.
  • Please wait outside on the designated 6 ft markings until your group is welcomed into the facility
  • If you have any symptoms of respiratory illness, please stay home. Anyone presenting a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed entrance to the facility.
  • All customers are asked to sanitize their hands when they enter and exit the facility, please become familiar with locations of sanitizers.
  • Everyone is asked to practice social distancing on and off the ice
  • Please bring your own water bottle (water fountains will not be accessible) and hand sanitizer
  • Please follow the arrows on the floor to help traffic flow inside the facility, do not gather at staircase or by trophy case; to allow the flow of traffic for entering and exiting.
  • After your session, please take your skates off and exit the facility through the “exit only” doors as quickly as possible. (15 minutes max) Please no loitering in the arena after your game.


  • No spitting on the ice or anywhere in the facility
  • Coaches are required to wear masks in the facility (except when on the ice)
  • Skaters are asked to warm up outside the facility.


  • All staff members will be required to wear face coverings.
  • Patrons ordering/picking up food shall be required to wear face covering.
  • 1 person or 1 family per table – face coverings shall be worn at all times unless eating food.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (603) 485-1100 or email customerservice@tri-townicearena.com.