2019 Girls New England Festival Schedule

Festival Rules & Format


Under No Circumstances will verbal abuse of the officials be allowed by any player, coach, or team representative(s). We are all here to enjoy a great weekend of hockey. Any penalties assessed resulting from abuse of the officials will be fully supported by the tournament organizers.


Welcome to the Essex Sports Center for Hockey Night in Boston’s 25th annual Massachusetts North/New England Girls Festival June 8-9. This morning the teams will take head shot photos, then have a short practice session, followed by the Festival’s first game (3 20-minute stop time periods). Each team will play twice Saturday and twice Sunday; The final game for each team on Sunday will be determined by their record in the first three games.

Each game will be 3 20-minute stop time periods. Ice cut will be made halfway through the second period. There will be no overtime, with the exception of Sunday’s championship game.

NCAA rules, along with coincidental penalty washout (5-on-5).  Penalized players will serve time; substitutions from bench will play.  Automatic Icing, allow line changes at all stoppages of play. Mouthguards/full shields are mandatory.


  • Minor – 1:30 minutes; Major – 4:00 minutes; Misconduct – 7:30 minutes
  • Game Misconduct – rest of that game only
  • Disqualification – a 4:00 minute major, and removal from that game and the next game

Game Time – (60 minutes – stop time)

Three 20-minute periods. Goalies will all play one period in each game. Ice will be cut midway through the second period. No overtime (except for championship game if needed)

* Championship team members will receive souvenir sweatshirts. Runner-up team members will each get a souvenir tee-shirt.

Each of the coaches on the staff will submit a ballot following the Festival and players will be drafted to move on to the 2019 HNIB Girls Summer Showcase at a meeting following Sunday’s action. Players selected will fill spots on open rosters for five Showcase teams. In addition, an alternate list will be put together. In the event roster openings occur on any of the teams for the 25th Annual Girls Summer Showcase Tournament July 31 – August 3, alternates can be used to fill those spots (this usually does happen). 45-50 players will be selected to move on to the August Showcase.

This year, HNIB will also host Festivals June 14-16 at The Bog in Kingston, MA, and June 22-23 at the Worcester Ice Center. Players will also be selected to move on to the Showcase from those similar events.

* Final selections from this Festival will be posted on the HNIB website (www.HNIBonline.com) on Wednesday afternoon, June 12. Those players selected will receive an information packet in the mail shortly thereafter.

Good Luck to all participants. Have a fun weekend of hockey.


Although locker rooms will be locked during games, we advise you to leave money and valuables in your car or with parent/guardian, rather than bringing them into the locker room.  HNIB will not be responsible for any items left in the locker rooms.