2018 Boys Major Rosters

To find a player quickly, click Ctrl+F on your keyboard to do a find if using a laptop or desktop. If on an Apple device (iPhone/iPad/etc.), tap the search field in the upper right hand corner and search for the player name there.

We welcome you to the games of the 44th Annual HNIB Major Summer Showcase. We would like to make you aware of the following Rules and Guidelines.

NCAA Rules, allowing the following exception, coincidental penalty washouts (5/5). * Automatic Icing. Line changes allowed at all stoppages of play. Hand Passes are not allowed in any zone. All players must wear full face shields. Mouth guards for all players are mandatory.  Players must wear ear flaps, that are appropriately attached to the helmet.  Back up goalies must wear helmet while sitting on bench.


  • Minor – 1:30 minutes; Major – 5:00 minutes; Misconduct – 7:30 minutes
  • Game Misconduct – rest of that game only
  • Disqualification – a 5:00 minute major, and removal from that game and the next game


  • 46 Minutes:  (two 23-minute stop-time halves); Ice cleaning in between halves. Ties count as 1 point for each team.
  • *In playoffs, if teams are tied, overtime will be played.  Five Minutes sudden death.  If still tied, then shootout.  Three players shooting from each side.  Sudden death shootout if necessary.
  • Championship GameNo shootout. Play until a winner.

Coaches must play all players equal for the first 41 minutes of the game.  No power plays or special penalty killing units allowed.  The last 5 minutes (if the game is close) and in OT are at the discretion of the coach.  * Goalies must split time each game. The only exception to this rule is in the case of an injury to one of the goalies.

Unsportsmanlike play, illegal contact and abuse of officials will be dealt with most severely.  Disqualification penalties – fighting, spearing, butt end, kicking, etc – are called, the player will sit out the rest of that game and the next game.

Although locker rooms will be locked during games, please advise your players to leave their money and valuables in their car or with a parent, rather than bringing them into the locker room.  HNIB will not be responsible for any money and/or electronic devices left in the locker rooms.

* Admission charge of $5.00 per day for Saturday/Sunday July 28-29 for the Playoffs/All Star games only.